Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme

With a population of around 110,000 on the island of 344 km2 (133 mi2), the ‘Spice Isle’ is one of the most beautifully lush islands in the West Indies. Naturally exotic, Grenada’s breathtaking scenery includes mountain waterfalls and golden beaches surrounded by tropical rain forests. The view is appealing even to the most discerning world traveler. This mix of unspoiled authentic Caribbean of yesteryear and friendly and modern lifestyle today, makes it the perfect place to live and play.

In 2013, the independent island nation of Grenada re-launched their Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Advantages of Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme:

A speedy application process; a law mandates that routine applications will be approved within 60 days of submission, with the passport issued immediately thereafter.
(The application must be submitted after the background checks have been performed.)
Family Friendly: By not charging exorbitant processing and due diligence fees for spouses and family members, Grenada is an attractive option for international businessmen looking for security and travel options for their families.
Good Visa-Free Travel: The Grenada passport allows visa-free travel to more than 135 countries.
Zero Tax: The island has no income, wealth or inheritance taxes. World Class University: Grenada is home to St. Georges University, anaccredited medical, veterinary and arts & science educational institution. There is no requirement to visit Grenada in order to qualify for citizenship.

Investment Opportunities

Government Donation to National Transformation Fund (NTF)


In order to qualify for this programme, the applicant makes a donation to the government-controlled National Transformation Fund (NTF). This option allows one to complete the process in two stages: the permanent residence stage and the citizenship application stage. However, you can apply directly for citizenship only.

The minimum investment is US$150,000 for a single applicant and US$200,000 for a family of 4 (four). Additional fees apply per family member.

Real Estate Investment


To qualify, the applicant must invest in approved real estate with a minimum value of US$220,000*.

The process of obtaining Grenada Citizenship by Investment usually takes 3-4 months. The applicant must enter into a sales and purchase agreement with an approved real estate project and transfer full investment and associated fees to an Escrow account controlled by an on island attorney. Once it is done, the authorized agent submits applications and required documents to the Government and receives the Approval and the Certificate of Naturalization. With these documents on hand, the authorized agent submits a request for passport.

* US$220K investment refers to shared ownership in real estate. For Sole ownership must be US$350K+

Schedule of fees

Applicants and their families will also have to pay the following fees depending on the size of the family for either of the investment options:

Processing Fee (for both options):

US$ 1,500 per person US$ 1,500
Applicant under 17 y.o. US$ 500 per person
Application Fee (for both options) US$ 1,500 per person

Government Fee (for Real Estate Investment Option):

Application for a family up to four members
(principal applicant + 3 dependents)
US$ 50,000
Additional dependent after a fourth US$ 25,000

Due Diligence Fee (for both options):

Principal Applicant US$ 5,000
Spouse US$ 5,000
Dependent child aged 0-16 US$ 0
Dependent child aged 17-30 US$ 5,000
Dependent parent under 55
Family of up to 4
Dependent parent under 55
Family of 5 and more
Dependent parent 55+
Family of up to 4
Dependent parent 55+
Family of 5 and more
Additional Government contribution (USD) 50K 50K+25K* for each new applicant - 25K

*Example: The family application of 5 persons, that includes also a 54 y.o. dependent parent. The fee of 50K applies due to the fact the 54 y.o. dependent parent is under 55. The additional fee of 25K needs to be paid for any 5th applicant. Total: 50+25=75K.

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