Today many of our governments have old ideas about citizenship, taxation, and the nation are resistant to modern realities. Unable to change their circumstances, they consign themselves to lives of mediocrity, complacency, poverty, and servitude. Sadly, they become cornered into accepting someone else’s vision for their lives. However, by accepting their situation without question, they become unwittingly complicit in their own demise. If only they were to have sufficient knowledge and strength of will, they would soon discover that their disastrous lot in life was not only unacceptable but also totally preventable.

Individuals today no longer have to live in ignorance and are learning that they have rights. They are not victims at birth and they are not controlled by the limited choices their governments impose on them. Although individuals may have little say as to their ethnicity or country of origin, they can still exercise their free will. Furthermore, they can break the bonds that limit their traveling opportunities and look forward to a new future with endless possibilities.

Second passports should be an essential part of everyone’s portfolio. They not only provide a parachute in case of emergency, but they also conserve wealth and accumulation tools. These days, people must look beyond their own borders if they want maximize their opportunities. Having a second citizenship in another country provides a whole world of new options and fresh look to build a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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